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Fabulous Bathroom (Bronx Home)

 Featured here we have a newly renovated bathroom in an affordable home in Bronx. This creamy dreamy bathroom comes with brand new fixtures and a beautiful mosaic tile trim around the entire room.


These and other similar features are also available in our newly renovated homes in Brooklyn and Queens as well.
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Huge Closets! (Bronx Home)

Not only does this fantastic newly renovated home in the Bronx have three large bedrooms, but these bedrooms each come with ENORMOUS closets!  

Master Bedroom Closet

Second Bedroom Huge Closet
Third Bedroom closet

These huge closets will be finished with rods and sleek bi-fold wood closet doors. The dark hardwood floors gives the rooms a more masculine feel. Large new windows bring in beautiful warm light. 

These fanstastic features, and others amenities are not only available in our affordable homes in the Bronx, but are also available in our affordable homes in Brooklyn and Queens! Registration is going on now free!

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Luxurious Bathroom (Queens Home)

Beautiful Newly Renovated bathroom is the perfect place for a restful soak after a long hard day at work! All of our bathrooms come newly rennovated.

Mosaic Tile

The smokey grey color of the tile lends perfectly to a masculine style and gives the bathroom a more modern and sleek look. Luxurious glass mosaic tile is trimmed along the bathroom walls.

You cannot find style like this unless you come to Y Rent NY! With our affordable housing program, these type of modern finishes come standard. Every day will be a get-away. Let us show you an oasis!


Restful Restroom

Finishes like these are not only available in our homes in Queens, but also in our affordable homes in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Yonkers. Call today to make a consultation appointment!

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Renovated Kitchen (Queens Home)

Beautifully renovated kitchen with windows in Queens, New York.
All new finishes. Sleek silver hardware.
Matching countertops and backsplash.
Brand new stainless steel appliances throughout. Dishwasher and Microwave included.
Gorgeous Kitchen

More pictures of these gorgeous renovations to follow…

Finishes like these are available in the affordable homes in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, listed at Y Rent NY.
Why rent when you can own your own home with a fantastic new kitchen, just like this one?
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Great Feature: Hardwood Floors (Queens Home)

Spacious Bedroom w/ new window

Are you sick of being scammed by the promise of hardwood underneath carpeting….but when you pull up the carpet you find nothing but stinky ply wood?  


One great feature in the newly renovated homes are the beautifully finished hardwood floors. Hardwood floors come standard in the newly renovated homes in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Yonkers. 

By putting hardwood floors in our homes, we are investing in the longevity of the home and in turn, creating a more desireable living space for our clients! 

Y Rent NY? 

Here are some more photos below for your viewing pleasure…. 

Spacious Living Area


Bedroom w/ closet space

Great Feature: Finished Basement (Bronx Home)

Renovated Basement

One of the many great features in the homes that Y Rent NY sells, is spacious basements!

The basement featured in this post is complete with new high hats, new flooring, nice windows, closet space, and base moldings!
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Renovated Brooklyn Home

Two family Brooklyn

At Y Rent NY, we look to help you achieve your dreams of home ownership.

On the left is a relatively new contruction in Brooklyn two family with a garage and driveway!

Most of our listings have been newly renovated with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, finished basements, hard wood floors!

Let us help you find an affordable home in Brooklyn, Queens or the Bronx.

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Great Feature: New Siding & New Windows (Brooklyn Home)

New Windows!

Y Rent NY? When YOU can be the landlord at this fantastic Two Family Home in Brooklyn.
New Siding!New Windows!

This affordable home in Brooklyn, located on a quite block, is currently being renovated.

Updates that you can see in these photos are new siding and new windows!


Great Feature: Warm Fireplace (Queens Home)

To the right is a beautifully refurbished fireplace
located in one of our many Queens homes.

Fireplace New

Every time You Write a Rent Check

You’re Putting All your Hard Earned Money

Into a Flaming Fireplace!

…There is a Better Way!

Y Rent NY? When you can warm up by your own fireplace in your own home… Is your landlord not providing heat? In your own home  you have the control!

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*This fantastic fireplace and other lovely features in this Queens home can also be found in our affordable homes in Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Great Feature: Hardwood Floors (Queens Home)

Professional photographers did not take these photos….
This house was sold so fast we did not have enough time for professional pictures! 
This gigantic living space in this Queens home was completely renovated.
New lighting has been installed as well as refinished hardwood floors!
 An open kitchen consept has been adapted in this Queens home as well…brand new cabinets and appliances!    
Living Area
This fantastic Queens home has beautiful new windows installed!
It looks out onto a quiet street…
and also happens to be close to public transportation!
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